Winter in SD

Posted on: November 17, 2021   |   Category: Winter in South Dakota
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Cold weather can make even the most motivated exercise enthusiast want to pack up their exercise gear until spring. But you don’t have to put your fitness routine on hold when the temperatures drop. With proper planning, cold-weather exercise can be both safe and enjoyable. Layering with a synthetic base layer can help pull sweat away from your body and keep you dry. Always avoid cotton base layers that stay wet next to your skin putting you at risk for hypothermia. Always use an insulating layer such as a fleece jacket or wool sweater overtop the base layer and a breathable, wind and water-resistant top layer such as a soft-shell jacket. In addition, wear a hat, gloves, and warm socks to protect your head, ears, feet, and hands which are susceptible to frostbite in cold weather. Lastly, despite the cold temperatures, don’t forget to stay hydrated and use sun protection outdoors.