Here are some of the reviews that Dr. Singaram has received online:

“Dr. Singaram is the best and always takes extra time to explain and make sure you are at ease with his decisions and was extremely thoughtful to get me in the same day to show me the results and get my next test scheduled.”

“He has helped me and has a great sense of humor. Would recommend.”

“Dr. Singaram gave me my life back!! He is kind and very patient. Always listens to your concerns and questions. After years of having sudden issues that no other doctor could answer I came to see him. I walked out of my appt in tears. I KNEW he had the answer I was needing. A few months later and I am me again!!!”

“Dr. Singaram is one of the kindest, responsive & thorough doctors I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a patient of.”

“Dr. Singaram saved my life in more ways than one. He is very compassionate. He is the best doctor I can find in his field. He has good bedside manners; he cares if you are in pain or not. he takes time to listen to you and respond and much more.”

“Excellent, caring Doctor and Staff. I’m in good hands!”

“I had a problem that had been ongoing for over 5 years. I have been to regular doctors but still no answer. As the stomach issues continued and got worse, I needed answers. Dr. Singaram recommended an endoscopy which helped find a diagnosis and solution to the problem. I am currently taking the medication he prescribed and finally getting relief. He will find the issues that other doctors in town may not recognize. He will assure you that the problem will be solved and won’t stop until he has an answer to your stomach problems. Highly recommend!”

“We love Dr. Singaram. He takes the time to get to know his patients and bends over backwards to do everything he can for you.”

“Dr. Singaram is a very patient and good doctor. He takes his time with his patients and listens to them very well. My family appreciates him!”

“Great staff – always friendly and helpful! Michelle is awesome and very knowledgeable.”

“He has knowledge not only in gastroenterology, but he knows quite a bit with other specialties as well. If I could count how many times, he’s answered questions that other doctors couldn’t answer (even doctors in different specialties than him)… I wish he could be my primary doc, gastro, OGBYN, rheumatologist, you name it. He is very smart and nails what’s wrong with my body every time. He goes further than treating diseases – he truly cares about people. He’s become family to us. Plus, his sense of humor is phenomenal!!”

“You are the very best!”

“Saw 10 doctors & then saw Dr. Singaram. He diagnosed and is treating a very difficult condition that no one else even diagnosed. He is the best doctor we’ve ever had.”

“Dr. Singaram is a very patient and good doctor. He takes his time with his patients and listens to them very well. My family appreciates him!”

“Thank you for caring and being able to help me! I greatly appreciate your services and talks. Relating to someone is helpful. Thank you so much again!”

“Thank you Dr. Singaram for working with me. You are patient and kind. I appreciate how you can sort things out. I’ve referred 2 new patients to you!”

“Super attentive to the patient. He was very informing and explained all procedures well. He is very knowledgeable and is very nice to patients.”

“Everyone at the clinic is great!”

“Keep up the great work! I love all of the staff here. Everyone from the front end staff to the back end! You ALL do a GREAT job!”